Creating an impact through becoming the change.  Many of us on the planet are wanting to create impact, speaking to the unity we desire to see in the world, and how our medicine will support others in co-creating this vision.


I'm deeply devoted to inviting ourselves into the agency and embodiment of this change. Notice how I say we here, cause I am truly not an expert, I'm a guide for myself and others, we are walking this path as equals.  Recognizing that we have been talking the talk for too many years, and now is the time to dive into our values and invite a heartfelt conversation with our actions. 


The way we show up and respond within the world and our environments create a ripple. This ripple is the change, the impact the frequency we are putting out into the world; without a deep awareness, not only within the mind but within the body of the alignment of our actions and values- we may be functioning within inner systems that are not in alignment with the change we want to see in the world.


Here I am fumbling my way through a journey of what it is to honour the path as an embodied leader, cultivating & creating, the change I want to see in the world.

It is a pleasure to walk with the path with you!

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Natalie Parsons has been guiding individuals for almost twenty years, with the intentions of being rooted in honoring an ethical approach to practicing as a spiritual guide into embodiment.



She has been studying the healing arts, intuition, and various spiritual practices since 2002.  Her work in mental health, as a wellness and recovery facilitator and a first voice speaker within trauma-informed seminars for professionals and caregivers, continues to cultivate a relationship with trauma and the understanding of working with a trauma-informed approach to embodiment. 


Natalie invited herself on a deep somatic healing journey in 2013 when she began her studies in yoga traditions and philosophy.  These experiences led to a deeper understanding of integration + embodiment from a lived experience lens; with the intention of inviting others to become curious with their relationship to the methodology of embodiment.  

Natalie is currently studying decolonization and continues to weave + integrate this work into her life and conversations with clients.  Upholding her embodied core values through everyday actions.

Her education includes certifications in, Intuitive Readings, Mediumship, Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, Chakra Yoga, Ritual Arts, Numerology, Heartfelt Leadership, Coaching, and many other countless workshops and training.  She also received certification from Dalhousie University for Facilitation, to support and strengthen her workshops and courses created.


After bringing her vision of the Spa/Wellness centre into reality in 2008 Natalie quickly recognized her heart was guiding her to share her medicine in a different way.  Natalie closed the doors to a successful business to step into the fullness and alignment of how she truly desired to serve her clients, recognizing that the structure she thought would be best did not serve her ultimate vision and values.

Natalie has been working with clients since her initial training in 2002 as an intuitive guide, working with healers, visionaries, practitioners, seekers, wellness warriors, and leaders in illuminating their gifts and cultivating a relationship with receiving one's own medicine, as they step into the fulness of their embodiment.  Her journey has developed a passion for supporting individuals in cultivating a life in alignment with their values, creating pathways of support in sustaining a healthy and ethical self healing journey while deepening the relationship with integration and embodiment.  Her practical approach and easy-going presence remind others of how accessible it is to be on a deep healing journey while serving others with an enriched capacity and presence within their space holding abilities.  Natalie guides her clients into the embodiment of their medicine through her unique approach inspired by lived experience, years of working with clients and blending the certifications acquired.  To work with Natalie is a journey of deep healing, understanding your way of cultivating an anchor into embodiment, integration and living consciously through your medicine and souls purpose activating authentic change, and impacting your inner work and work with others.  

Current Studies

Natalie is currently expanding her education in decolonization and actively participating in the groundwork while applying the principles to her work.  She is currently studying the groundwork of dismantling the behaviors of colonization that contribute to suppression, and learning how to engage in conversations with folks guiding them into ethical practices within their approach, behaviors, practice, and everyday lives.  Natalie's studies this year also include ethical business practices, creating a sustainable ecosystem within our individual businesses, and how the principles and values we have within our business/practice can impact the global economy, creating a balanced ecosystem where people come first.  These principles will deeply impact sessions with embodied leaders as we co-create new structures within our everyday lives and how we approach our practices and serve our clients.

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Showing up daily with intention and anchored into action supporting the mission and vision of iamnatliesoul, the organization operated by Natalie Parsons. 

Our vision Shifting out of the individualism mindset and cultivating a sustainable approach to deep inner healing, building community from the heart space of ethical embodied leadership.  Creating an ethical approach to serving clients, honouring the roots of our practices and modalities mindful of appropriation while preserving their authentic teachings. 

Our mission is to support others in creating a conscious approach bridging ethics, spirituality, and emobided leadership.  We are on a mission to become aware of unethical practices within the spiritual community and invite curiosity around a sustainable ethical approach.  Dedicated to providing guidance on new paradigm approaches to conscious and embodied leadership, deep healing, and standing in alignment with one's core values. So that we can create an equitable future honouring the roots within lineages of the spiritual teachings globally. 

Volunteer Work

Within the local Children's Hospital, here in Nova Scotia for several years, Natalie offers her time to the programs developed by social workers and psychologists, who are supporting children and caregivers after experiencing trauma-  As a first voice speaker, sharing lived experiences as inspiration and a pathway of hope in wellness and recovery.  This work is not always easy, going back to these spaces can be triggering and retraumatizing.  "What I have learned over the years is to have a strong support system for myself and have incredible healers/guides/professionals who offer their time to support me following my work associated with being a first voice speaker, with lived experience."  Working alongside professionals that recognize the gaps within our public health care system and creating new structures of support is essential to cultivating wellness within the community. 


Each and every year I donate 10% of my earnings to a variety of organizations alongside offering in-person and online events where 100% of the profits go to specific organizations. The organizations I donate to are in support of the work of incredible people shifting the approach within our social constructs that are creating an impact within the world we can truly be proud of.  If you would like to share organizations your passionate about supporting please let me know, send an email to Natalie

Some of the organizations include:

Women's Shelters

Indigenous communities, businesses, and organizations (local & global)

Organizations supporting the BIPOC community/activists (local & global)

Organizations promoting education to decolonize from the inside out

LBGTQ+ Organizations