Hi I'm Natalie. Soul Coach, Healer, Intuitive, Ritual Facilitator,  & creator of Sacred Space, deep Transformations :retrieving the seeds of Inner Wisdom, into Embodiment. 

Connect & embody your gifts/medicine.

Live your LIFe purpose.

shine bright as you share your unique gifts and wisdom.

This connection call is for those who are serious about moving deeply connecting into their wisdom.

In this call we will discuss:


- what the next steps are

- your desires and needs

- what you need support in

- what blocks or resistance is showing up

- I will share with you my offerings and resources that can help you 

These complimentary calls are 30 min, please invite a quiet space for us to connect. 

Please note that if you do not show up to the session another one will not be available; due to a limit of complementary offerings.

Schedule your session here:


The medicine I offer is connection, the thread that illuminates the spaces within you that feel dense, heavy, stuck or frustrated. These spaces are your allies. Alongside the medicine of transformation & higher perspectives.  When working with me you will strengthen your roots, confidence and connection to your gifts. You will also be fully supported in how you show up and hold space for yourself which in turn will serve all of your clients deeply; alongside a deep inner soulful journey into self.