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I’m so excited to offer a FREE Group Session on Calming the Nervous System and Connecting to the body.


We will be exploring tools and practices that support and sustain a balanced nervous system. Being present, in the moment, is a huge support as we navigate the current events.


If you are feeling overwhelmed, chaos, disconnected, and unbalanced I would love to invite you to explore your breath, and open yourself to connecting to the body’s wisdom.  Within you, are all the tools needed for this journey ahead; let’s get super curious as to what is in your toolbox! Trust me, it’s larger than ya think.


The video will also be posted within one of my favourite communities on fb to hang out on; Soul Sisters On Fire with Natalie Brite. A soulful genuine and supportive community of women holding space as we rise together, sharing our medicine within the virtual circle. This is not a paid add. LOL I truly have met some of the most inspiring women within this space; their impact continues to lift me up.

Join us via Zoom link 

March 26th

@12noon EST (1pm AST)

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If you are unable to join the live you will also receive the recording in your inbox!