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An 8 session 1:1 journey

available online or in person

This is not your average Chakra course, you will be invited to embody the energies from the inside out, providing a strong foundation that will continue to support your spiritual growth, understanding, and healing journey. Experiencing your energetic system to guide your curiosity and heart.  Learning to use tools such as yoga, movement, meditation, breathing techniques, sound and visualizations that will support, balance, amplify or tone down the chakra energies. This program is designed to meet you wherever you are!  So whether you have been working with the chakras for years or a newbie, this journey is tailored for you!


     This Course is tailored to each individual, weather you are a Healer working with the chakra energies, or new to the chakras, new to the practices or experienced. Natalie supports your journey so that you can easily access, the information, tools and practices, while simultaneously grow and expand on this journey!


We also go at your pace, scheduling the 8 sessions to work with your schedule and needs.

Are you ready for a deep dive intensive into Rejuvenating your Chakras?


Are you craving to go deeper into balancing your Chakras, & understanding the

Chakra system?


This is for you, if you:


➳ Are a healer/intuitive working with the chakra system, and want to learn more about the chakras.

➳ Are craving to go deeper into understanding your own energetic system and chakra  energy.

➳ Want to embody the chakra energies, learning practical tools and yogic practices to balance the chakras

➳ Perhaps you are a yogi who wants to learn more about the chakras through yogic practices.

➳ Are ready to dive deeper into your healing journey.


You will receive:


➳ 8 session journey; 2 hours each session.

➳ A workbook to deepen your learning, including journal prompts, information, affirmations, description of each chakra and everything you will need to further your exploration within and beyond the course.

➳ A supportive sacred space each session, where we will deeply dive into and experience the practices and tools for balancing your chakras.

➳ Open hearted dialogue, a safe place to have conversations and connect with the chakra energy with the group.

➳ You will have access to my inbox for the duration of your journey! I would love to Support via, email, voxer or messanger in between sessions.

 Self Investment 1,200$ USD


Come play! Have fun! Explore, and flow in the Chakra energies.

Click below, to schedule your connection call or register for your 1:1 online chakra journey. 

No pressure! Let's chat and see if this is a fit for you! Click here for a connection call!

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"Thank you so much Natalie your Chakra program changed my life forever!  Learning how to connect to myself on a soul level shifted all aspects of my life.  I love my life and self in ways I never imagined." 

-Shelly Poirier

"Getting to know my energetic body through your chakra program was exactly what I needed to ignite my inner healer!"


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Reiki Temple is now open and accepting new students for 1:1 Reiki training.