community shaper

Supporting leaders, communities, groups and individuals cultivate, create and nurture their communities through illuminating your inner leader. 

​If you are creating a community space or would love to support your existing community or organization with the tools, mindset and conversations that inspire a healthy community I am your gal!


And here is why:


Early in my career I recognized the power that comes when we are all in alignment with a common goal; when we are working together; and to be supported by a safe space. After a few years of seeking a company that shared my core values and the community culture I desired; I decided to build my own! Yep. So here I was, in my twenties and had no Idea what I was doing or how I was going to accomplish this, yet this did not stop me. One foot in front of the other and through this beautiful journey, unfolded everything I needed to grow and understand the mindset, tools and behaviours in cultivating a healthy and safe community.


It all begins with you. Shaping healthy communities is all about stepping into your inner leader, which in turn is a journey into self.  The relationship you have with yourself is also reflected in your relationship with others. How you show up when things are sticky, uncomfortable, or tough for yourself and others is the gatekeeper to building a safe space.   An open trusting relationship is the foundation of a healthy community. And trust me I have navigated many tough situations; that did not always go as planned, and there are many things that I know today that I would have implemented then. I truly appreciate and honour all of these experiences, because now I am able to share these with you and support the heck out of a lot of amazing people and communities.


And so here I stand with my arms wide open ready to support the heck out of your amazing community, with over 15 years experience as an Entrepreneur, Facilitator, Guide, Mentor, Community shaper. 


If your a heartfelt leader and would love to read my vulnerable journey into leadership, here is the blog; Stepping into your leadership