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Cultivate sacred space within your everyday life, and rejuvenate from the inside out.
Nourishing our intentions of well-being within our everyday experiences.  Invite a wide variety of accessible practices to be the foundation of a lifestyle that cultivates wellness.
Who is the community + membership for?
-Folks who are wanting to connect to a balanced lifestyle through movement, breath and meditation.
-On a deep healing journey.
-Guided to Rejuvenate the remembrance of our connection within selves.
-Spaceholders, leaders, visionaries, and practitioners.

Your Guide

Natalie Parsons is a grounded spaceholder with twenty years of experience.


Her work evolving into the embodiment guide she is today continuing her studies and research as a forever student of Embodied Leadership, Yogic teachings, decolonization and ethical practices. Bridging her experiences as a facilitator into everyday living, cultivating sacred space from the inside out.

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Enrollment Options

Embodied Temple offers three enrollment options that create accessible price ranges. 

All options include weekly live zoom yoga class!

Embodied Temple Membership 24$/monthly

Access all of the embodiment portals with tons of high-value content, alongside The Temple community space; for powerful support and the medicine of community.

Group Membership for organizations and business 

Please  contact for prices as range varies

Gold Embodied Temple Membership 75$/monthly

(available for 8 persons)

*please note that embodiment sessions are regularly 133$

The gold membership includes:

- Full access to all of the portals within the Embodied Community Yoga
- A monthly 1:1 hour session with Natalie Parsons
- Access to  the live Zoom Yoga Classes
Monthly 1:1 sessions hold the intention of INTEGRATION of your spiritual journey on the path of self-realization. These sessions are for all gender identifications who are diving deeply into their Embodiment + Integration, the essence, and your innate inner wisdom/medicine.  
Within these sessions you will experience:
-heartfelt conversations & intuitive guidance
-practical tools and practical application of how to work with the current energies you are experiencing
-support within embodiment + integration

Testimonial from Gold Member

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Thank you for the Love!



From my very first day in your class, you embodied everything I’ve always hoped to experience with an in-person spiritual and yoga guide. 

I’ve experienced many yoga classes/teachers over the years, but this was the first time I felt truly guided and supported beyond the physical practice, by you and the energy of everyone in the room.

I’m looking forward to being in your presence again:)


In Between the flow and stillness; inhale and exhale, there is a subtle pause.  A space that is so spacious I often wonder how this space existed unnoticed for so many years.  Thank you for guiding me into the sacred space and temple of my own body.


Connecting to breath has provided the space to explore beautiful moments of peace. Reminding myself in times I feel disconnected or lost in the chaos…..I come back to breath. Thank you Natalie.


Thank you Natalie for the past few years of 1:1 yoga sessions, they have got me through the most challenging times. You remind me to simply breathe.


I love waking up each day to a guided meditation as I sip my coffee.  Thank you for sharing your peaceful voice and energy.


A growing library of videos each month

What's inside the Embodied yoga Membership

Embodied Warrior Flow

A signature yoga flow series created by Natalie Parsons, the intention of the Embodied Warrior Flow is to invite a natural connection to our strength. Through observation of our relationship with strength. Not only physical strength but the ease within our strength, our inner strength, and all of the aspects within the strength and the allies that accompany strength. 


What does this mean? The allies that accompany strength:


Balance of ease, gentle, flow, natural, releasing shoulds, or expectation, connecting with your authentic states of being as we rebuild our relationship with what strength is for us.  


Go into the posture, within the body, within the energetic, emotional, psychological, and feel your strength.

True strength is inviting yourself into your natural process of healing and humanness, this does not mean to bypass crying or feeling like your falling apart, it is quite the opposite. Thie intention within these yoga series is to invite ourselves to have the courage to express and experience all aspects of self.  Which invites us into strength and courage.


Redefining what strength is beyond the mind, the conditioning, cultural, what is strength in nature? 


Releasing what you think it is to discover how it shows us in your nature. You are nature. 


Beyond the measurement of the physical muscle, what is strength? Leaving behind the measurement of strength being of the muscles.  When you find yourself wanting to push harder and feel your physical strength ease up and be gentle, see what happens.

The Embodied Warrior Flow series asanas(physical yoga practice) are on core strength, with a variety of options and modifications to meet everyone where they are at.


The Embodied Warrior flow is inspired by the...


Wise Woman Archetype

The Wise Woman Archetype is the primordial energy that when in right relationship, can assist the individual to embody, cultivate, grow and/or transform. She possesses, and has embraced, identifiably feminine energy but is also in union with the masculine energy, recognizing the value of this sacred union.  Like a midwife who helps people bring life to their truth, creativity, and presence who is able to help people overcome the obstacles that limit their evolvement. She is a woman whose life is spiritually centered, in full mastery of her body, heart, and spirit. The Wise Woman understands the value of knowledge, history, and tradition. Within the Wise Woman Temple we acknowledge the wise woman archetype within all gender identifications, she lives within us all. 





The sustainability within our path of self-realization, or enlightenment, lives within all of the experiences within the Embodied Temple, which is deeply seeded within the intention of this virtual sacred space. 

Sustainability invites many conversations and aspects we can focus on. Within the Sustain portal of the Embodied Temple, we are interested in the sustainability of the body, our physical temple, and our foundation.  It is essential for us to care for our bodies, building a strong foundation for the sustainability of all our practices (inner and outer). Our vessel/temple which is our physical body is an important aspect of our spiritual path, taking care of our body's needs and working alongside the body's wisdom is how we dive deeper into our inner worlds, enlightenment, or self-realization.  This concept is the very foundation of the Asanas, the practice is to support our bodies as we dive deeper into our path. 

Within the section "Sustain" we will experience a variety of movements to explore the many muscle groups and joints.  Our intention is to have something for everyone, accessible for all bodies, we are all different, so keep in mind, as always, to listen to your body as you flow and modify as needed.


Within the Calm series of the Embodied Temple, we are inviting the frequency of calm into our experience. 

The Calm series is perfect for those who are wanting to invite calmness into their frequency, experiencing anxiety, or heightened states of heavy emotions.

Be gentle with yourself and release the expectations of what your experiences will be. Simply because we have invited calm we often have this notion that we will be perfectly calm by the end of the experience. Let's invite this space to be open to all that rises within the invitation of calm. Yes, you will likely feel calm when you are within the 'Calm' practices, the reminder is not to expect it, but to invite it into your energy and become curious about what happens without judgment.  When we are working with the nervous system it is more complex than simply "getting to a calm state" when we are carrying trauma or stuck energies, it can trigger a flight or fight response.  Within the Calm series, we recognize this and will be continuing to support you here within this portal.  


This gentle practice, within the Rejuvenate series of the Embodied Temple, is a container of REJUVENATION for the mind/body/soul.

There will be a variety of postures and yogic practices within Rejuvenate, that will include an accessible approach. We will be exploring Mantra, Mudra, Asanas, and more! 

A gentle reminder that you are the guide as always listen to the body and flow as you need to flow, adjust any postures and reach out if you are curious about a variation that may support your body needs better. 


Embodiment and Integration are important aspects of 'the path'. 


Within the Embodied Temple Embody experiences, you will be deeply rooted in the somatic realm. Which is key for integration. 

Your intentions as you practice within this section are essential. WE will be offering a variety of intentions within the Embody section for you to engage with alongside flows that are very open to your intentions.  With that being said, the inner wise woman knows to follow intuition and insert your intention alongside any that we have already planted as seed. 

Within the Embody Practices you will explore:

-Pranayama /breathwork

-Embodiment inspired yoga flows

-Deep Intention setting



Practices & Rituals

Within the Ritual and Practices Section, we will be exploring, cultivating, sustaining our relationship and connection within a variety of blended yogic practices.


As a practicing Bhakti, there will be mantras offered within this section for you to explore the wisdom of sound through Sanskrit chants.  

The intention of this space is for you to play, have fun and support your energy and sacred containers you create for healing, magic, intention setting, vision mapping, and connecting to the phases within nature. 

Yoga Postures

Whether you're learning the Postures within Asanas or practicing for years, this section is a space to support your alignment and offer variations/modifications within each posture.  A great way to support the body and offering yourself options depending on what your body needs within the moment. 

Though bolsters and blocks are amazing supports for your practice, you can also get creative with what's around your home.  I honestly did not have these items until a few years into my practice, then purchased second-hand items from a studio:) 

When it comes to postures and practice, trust your body and listen.


Modifications are not a sign that you are "not doing it right" or "at a lower level". They are offered to give you space, and options for you to express the form how it shows up within the moment.  Within the yoga culture here in the west, a phrase you may have heard in yoga classes is "fullest expression", I am here to let you know that whatever expression the posture takes within the moment, whether it be modified or not, is the fullest expression.  There are no goals in yoga, or levels to obta


You will even notice since I have scoliosis that I do not have the flexibility of the typical yoga teachers you see. For example, my down dog has knees bent, and unable to do handstands (yet.) I've been focused and working on the flexibility and strengthening of those muscles for almost a decade now and I've come a long way, yet know that there is no destination...if I never do a handstand it truly won't be the end of the world. Simply looks fun and I love the process of trying.

Within the Embodied Temple, we are interested in the infusion of the 8 limbs of Yoga, within the initial Yama we have, Ahimsa- noninjury or harm.  This is the intention offered within each yoga practice.

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