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I'm so excited to dive into 2020 vibes with you and offer monthly insights in the energy report!


LEt's                           shall we?

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Working with the natural cycles and rhythms are such a potent way to connect to our inner healer, ignite our path, plan our life, biz and provide insight to our spiritual/inner growth. 

With your investment of either offerings below, you will receive a complimentary numerology chart reading! 2020 is gonna be a huge year with amazing opportunity for growth, I truly want to support you, and thank you for all the amazing work you are doing sweet beauty. 


Includes three 2 hour sessions, were we will engage in a super supportive soulful dialogue, on what it is your emboding; what your letting go of and how to move forward with clarity. We will also invite this embodiment into the body through yoga/meditation/breathwork, bringing it to a cellular level. You will receive tools to support your practices and energy as you deeply dive into your phase of transformation.


What are you calling in?

What are you releasing?

What are you embodying?

Exchange 649$ USD

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Transformation Session one 1:1 session

Exchange: 325$ USD

This container is a sacred space for high vibe souls who are cultivating a deep connection to their energy, inner healer, & heart. For those who want to be held in their spiritual journey as you connect deeply the seeds of wisdom and your innate beauty.

Are you ready to ignite your transformation journey? 

Are you feeling stuck?

Are you calling in a new way of being?

How are you cultivating the energy of transformation? 

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HI I'm Natalie.

A Chakra Yoga Teacher, Reiki Practitioner/Teacher, Intuitive Reader, Guide/Coach, Sound Healer, & Space Holder.

I'm super passionate about creating spaces where we can explore the depths of our inner world, leading, guiding you through the many tools and approaches to support your heartfelt journey. Within these spaces we are simultaneously connecting to our innate Inner Wisdom, Teacher, & Healer. Building confidence and TRUST in SELF, as you refine your dialogue with your intuition. 

Embodiment has been a huge side effect of the collaborative work clients and I do together! 

You were my shining light during my darkest days. 

-Susan Patterson

“Working with Natalie has brought me much needed personal insight. Within minutes of our first session together, I could feel myself settling into a deep authenticity. Natalie has such a gift of insight and she immediately tunes into what I need to support my body, mind and spirit. As a steadfast space holder Natalie’s presence is always felt during session, yet never intrusive to my own process of revitalisation and discovery. Working with Natalie I feel seen, heard and understood; Natalie Parsons - a true catalyst for deep healing."

-Elise Bryn 

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