Thank you for your support as we co-create the fullness of a project I've been passionately devoted to:

 Ethical Practises & Leadership Masterclass

If you are a Holistic Practitioner, Healer, Lightworker, Heartfelt Leader, or Soulful Entrepreneur than you've landed in the right spot!

We are all leaders, and now more than ever we are experiencing the deepest invitation into what it means to fully embody our leadership.  How we want to show up in the world, and the kind of interactions and influence we are cultivating within our communities. 

Whether you consider yourself in a leadership role, every human on the planet is contributing to the New Earth, the collaboration of what it means to become the space we want to reside in. This is cultivated through each of us doing “the work”.  The more we show up for ourselves, meet our needs, and are open to seeing how we can grow and do better, we are simultaneously casting a vote to what we want to experience within the world around us. From the inside out, your contribution is more valuable than you can imagine.  The contribution being, your dedication to connecting to self, inviting a deep listening, living mindfully, and continuing to grow through the non-judgmental lens. With the essence of curiosity, truth, and authentic empowerment illuminating the path of authentic wildly aligned embodied leadership.


Thank you for your curiosity, the incredible work your doing. It is felt within the collective, and as you love yourself more each day, this love cultivates a deep invitation for us all.














In the creation of this masterclass for leaders to cultivate a strong connection to ethical leadership, I am dedicated to supporting the community.  After a few years of experiences in toxic leadership, and collaborations I am devoted to bringing awareness to my contribution to this old way of being, recognizing the gaps, and excited to move forward together as we build bridges; invoking the essence of what it truly means to lead.   



an expert in the field for collaboration

Heartfelt Conflict Resolution

If this is a topic your passionate about and within the body of work you offer please let me know!

Or recommend someone you admire within this field.


Within this masterclass a container and sacred space will be created so we can all take responsibility for our own behaviors, inviting the continued evolving embodiment of the leader we envision ourselves to emote. 

To make this masterclass well rounded and super supportive, you can contribute by:

-Sharing your story of leadership, AHA moments 

-Moments you encountered a toxic leader

-Moments you experienced an incredible leader

-What you would like to learn more about within ethics ad leadership

In great appreciation of your contribution, you will receive 30% off the class when it is launched in 2021


Looking forward to connecting with your story, and thank you so much for your contribution.

Please note that your story and identity will not be shared with others unless permission is asked.

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Topics within the Ethical Practices & Leadership Masterclass include:

-The importance of Embodiment:

 the harm of not "doing the work", bypassing, what is the embodiment, tools to support 

-Cultivating high-level community standard

-Space holding

-Ethics, Ethical Practices

-Deepening your Awareness

Being ok with where you’re at, how to call yourself in for honest discussions 

-How to handle conflict or uncomfortable situations

-Practical application of Core Values, how they support and sustain your vision

-What is doing the work? What does it mean and are you really doing it? What does it look like for you?

-Communication, deepening your listening skills