The world need you and your gifts, we need healers, leaders, holistic practitioners intuitives and awakened souls  who are serving from a space of fullness, balance, and alignment.

Open the Portal 2020

A monthly breakdown of the energies for 2020 in a downloadable and printable PDF!

Each year we are steeping in the vibes of a universal energy, alongside the rhythms and cycles within the months and days. There are many aspects to observe! This energy report speaks through the lense of Numerology, Astrology, and intuitive channelled messages.  I’ve been studying the lunar cycles and numerology for almost a decade now, using these cycles within my life, biz and spiritual growth. Numerology and the Natural Rhythms and Cycles are also integrated with the work I do with clients. I encourage you to tune inwards, connect with your guides, ancestors and inner wisdom, and feel into the personalized messages and your energy for 2020. 

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End of the Year Practices

A guide for Embodiment, clarity, connection, and creating a strong foundation and sustainability to guide you into and throughout the following year. You will receive a 12-page workbook and video. You will also receive the Open The Portal 2021 when released in January.

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An Embodiment Masterclass with Natalie Parsons


This guide is a tool for you to utilize when you are digging deeply into your soulful journey of embodiment, as you break down the walls and deconstruct your old beliefs. It begins with inviting your awareness inwards, into your belief systems as you release and rebuild. This document is the process in which I have been supporting myself as I dig deep and do the work! This is also the flow I invite clients into during embodiment sessions, and together a powerful container supports deep awareness, healing and the rebuilding of what it is your embodying.


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Chakra Freebie

Enjoy a beautiful PDF workbook for you to play and explore within the Chakra energies!  Including journal prompts, affirmations, meditations and more!

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Inspired Self Newsletter

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Inspired Self Community

This Free FB community hosted by Natalie Parsons is a sacred space for you to connect with like minded souls.

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