Holding Space for Transformations, deep healing & Embodiment of your Potent Medicine.


Healing sessions are deeply rooted in intuition, being present; and inviting the beautiful blessings from spirit to guide us as we bring our awareness within. 

Natalie's energy work is a practice infused with a wide variety of healing modalities with over 15 years of working with the subtle energies. Healing sessions are a powerful support for overall wellbeing, balancing mind, body, soul. Creating a safe container for your energy body, accelerating, balancing, aligning, and rejuvenating. Natalie's approach is to support your own inner healer and energy body so that you too can access this state of healing anytime. 

1:1 sessions are available online and in person.


Healing sessions are also available within coaching/mentoring packages. If you are looking for a deep dive into your inner healer, transformational power and embodiment of your potent medicine and your ready to book now click below.

I would love to support you and be of service, if you would like to chat before booking a session, let's do it! Book a complimentary connection call.



Sacred Spaces are created online and in person, inviting mantra, prayer, sound, visualization, deep meditation and many beautiful and tools to support your inner journey. Ritual is a celebration, an offering, honouring, devotion, a space where you disappear, leaving the mind behind as you step into your innate, true nature.

Simply sitting in the frequencies, allowing them to wash over the silence of your being, receiving the seeds of transmission, weaving your intentions into your entire being. Through intuition, connecting to the language of the soul, and the impact of our relationship mama earth has on our relationship to self. This union is felt deeply through Ritual and Sacred Ceremony.

I'm in love with the healers path & deep relationship of my practices, inviting curiosity, play and joy as I continue to learn, grow and expand. I’m in love with how sharing these spaces with others cultivates a deep Medicine of Community + Compassion. Im inspired by all the various ways humans continue to interact with these spaces. We are the temple. We are the living ritual, the freedom. 


How do you connect to you?


Your ritual. Spirit. Self.


Is your heart calling you forth into a Sacred Space?

Do all of the things that invite joy and a deep connection to the earth; continue to deepen your relationship with curiosity.

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If you are wanting to create sacred space or circles in your online community I would love to connect! Let's schedule a time for a tea and chat.

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I look forward to our journey together.

if you also are a space holder for sacred ceremony and are interested in

co-creating, I would love to hear from you. Let's connect!

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