Walking home with you into the EMBODIMENT of your MEDICINE,

cultivating a deep CONNECTION with SELF your SACRED SPACE within.

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Transforming the way we show up, hold space and lead, holds the power of transforming the world.  We are committed to supporting Embodied Leaders, Changemakers, Healers, Practitioners, and Visionaries in embodiment, integration, ethical practices, and illuminating your medicine into your soul lead work, healing, and offerings. 

The world needs you and your gifts, we need awakened souls who are serving from a space of embodiment, alignment, and ethical leadership from the heart.  


Vision + Mission

Shifting out of the individualism mindset and cultivating a sustainable approach to embodiment, integration+ deep inner healing, building community from the heart space of ethical embodied leadership.

Our Specialty

Supporting others in creating a conscious approach bridging ethics, spirituality, and embodied leadership. While rejuvenating your relationship with nature, as you come back home to self.

Guest Speaking + Teaching

Learn more about collaboration opportunities + ways to partner with Natalie through speaking, teaching, workshop + retreats.

Natalie loves supporting communities whether it's on podcasts, in membership communities, coaching programs, or other online and in-person spaces. 

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Our #1 is community, whether it's cultivating, supporting, nurturing, or sustaining. Community shows up in many forms and begins from the inside out. We recognize that each interaction/action adds to the forming of communities.

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Cultivating a lifestyle that is sustainable + aligned supports us deeply.  When we are rooted in our values and nurture the spaces we create for integration + embodiment we are inviting ease to our everyday lives, and ready to show up with intention and full capacity.

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Walking the path of spirituality means showing up for all of the inner work.  Practicing an ethical approach to leadership means to deeply listen to the voices that need our support.  Natalie has woven her inner work of decolonization and continues to revisit how this is expressed in her work. 

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The Embodied Temple is a membership for all gender identifications who are interested in supporting their embodiment + integration.  The membership offers daily practices, through yoga, meditation, breathwork, journaling, and inner work. 

Cultivate sacred space within, where integration is woven within practice and everyday life.  Each breath is sacred.

Join the Embodied Temple membership for 8$/month

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Holding Space for Transformations, deep healing & Embodiment of your Potent Medicine.  Healing sessions are deeply rooted in intuition, being present; and inviting the beautiful blessings from spirit to guide us as we bring our awareness within.

Healing sessions are powerful support for overall wellbeing, balancing mind, body, soul. Creating a safe container for your energy body, accelerating, balancing, aligning, and rejuvenating. Natalie's approach is to support your own inner healer and energy body.



Embodiment sessions support your integration + embodiment process.
Spend time in the depths of your medicine.


Embodiment offerings are rooted in core values, intuition, coming home to self, and creating a system/process that works for you.


The perfect offering for folks who are on a deep healing journey, integration following plant medicine journeys, and embodying the fullness of their medicine. 


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A container for guidance, energetic support, and illuminating your inner compass.

Rejuvenate your spiritual path as we/

- connect to your wisdom through soul alignment readings
- illuminate your self-healing through energywork/reiki
- support your path through mentorship sessions


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The Temple is a FREE community where all are welcome to join, connect with other humans, and/or receive all the valuable recourses on embodiment, integration, intuition, alongside the conversations that support your spiritual path.

Resources within The Temple Include/
Workbooks, masterclasses, videos, blogs, interactive experiences, and connecting to the guide of the temple through conversations with Natalie within the Temple feed. 


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Soulful Connections Podcast is a sacred space hosted by Natalie Parsons + community where we are:

Supporting our Spiritual Path, Wild Alignment, Embodiment, Transformation & Healing!

Let’s dive into our hearts. Our truth.

Inviting deep meaningful conversations where we can begin to dismantle, unpack, rebuild, embody, & align.  Walking in our sacred journey, every moment a divine blessing. We are part of the living planet, woven into the ecosystems, cycles & rhythms.  Soulful Connections Podcast is devoted to serving as medicine for your evolution and growth, sharing nature's wisdom and conscious conversations as you connect to your deep knowingness and purpose.


The Blog

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What lights me up is cultivating real genuine relationships....

I would love to get to know you, what makes your heart sing, what your passions are, brings you joy I want to get to know YOU!  You know the type of connection with no strings attached or expectations to purchase.  I simply love meeting other like minded souls.

I'd love to invite you to find me on insta, let's get to know each other!

Follow us on instagram @iamnataliesoul

You can also send me an email! I'd love to hear from you!


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Embody,  Sustain, Rejuvenate, your Spiritual path.

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