Heart chakra 

Rejuvenate & Align

online SElf study

Heart chakra rejuvenate & Align


Let’s gather in sacred discussions & embodiment of the Heart Chakra energies.


Experiencing the tools and practices; inviting deep conversation & connection. 


Intentions during the Heart Chakra self study will be to invite the Embodiment & Rejuvenation & Deeper Understanding. Working with the energies from the inside out!


This will be a supportive sacred space for you to connect to your heart centre. Connection is the thread that supports our Heat Chakra, so let’s create a container where this thread is strengthened. 


This is experience will leave you feeling:


Centred, Connected to your Heartspace & Community, Aligned, Crystal Clear in your Energy,  & Intentions; Supported. 


If your wanting to:


  Set Powerful Intentions


  Connect with your Inner Healer


  Embody your Hearts Wisdom


  Go deeper into the Teachings of the Heart Chakra


   learn tools and practices that will allow you to Experience, Influence and Balance the Heart Chakra energy  

       You Will Receive:


      Deeper Teachings of Heart Chakra


       Rejuvenation & Healing 


       Recording of yourself study 


       A PDF printable workbook! With all the info you need to take you deep into the Heart!


       A recorded  Heart Chakra Meditation



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online SElf study