45min complimentary sessions

holding space for 2-4 spots a month

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Welcome beautiful soul,


Landing here means that you're on the path of embodiment, and we both know its not a one time workshop kinda thing.  There is no destination within our lifelong devotion leading ourselves through our embodied being. 


There are defiantly anchors, and a foundation that can continue to nurture our path of embodied leadership and living.

It's all about your way of flowing within the embodiment process, there is no “one size fits all”.

​Let’s connect and chat about supporting the integration process into embodiment. 

​How are you going to cultivate a deep connection with your embodied leader? 

​How are you leading yourself into embodiment? 

​Sustaining and supporting your journey sweet heartfelt leader?

The Mini Embodiment Sessions are for persons who are:

-Cultivating a deep relationship with embodied leadership

-Elevating the embodiment of your gifts/medicine
-Strengthening relationship to intuition
-Witnessing and holding space for all aspects of self 
-Going deeper within the conversations of your embodiment process

-Stepping into your fullest potential and expression

-Cultivating a safe space within the body to anchor your embodied leader


If this speaks to you, and you're interested in a  free 45 min session Here.

(accepting 2-4 free Embodied mini sessions a month)


If you're wondering why a guide with 20 years of experience is offering a generous space such as this...

Our inner leadership has been deeply activated as we co-create a new way of being during these current times. You may be experiencing some fears, saboteurs, or limiting beliefs rise as you, meet your edges and venture into new spaces, and this is definitely a natural occurrence as we expand.


Embodiment work is not about getting rid of our fears, saboteurs, or limiting beliefs, it's about inviting your awareness into our relationship…..cultivating an allyship and becoming our very own resource into wisdom, as you receive the depths of the medicine seeded from the uncomfortable spaces. So that our medicine supports us and our clients deeply.


The world is awakening again and again, and these souls are seeking embodied practitioners and leaders who are receiving the fullness of their medicine.  That is why I am so very passionate about supporting your embodiment journey, our work together touches the souls of each and every person you support, impacting how you show up within your practice and with clients. 

I believe in you. I love you. And want to support the depths of our work together as we rebuild new ways of being here on the planet. After years of being a spiritual/embodiment guide, I recognize this is the space that many light leaders and visionaries need support in. We have all just received the depths of our initiations, so it’s time to integrate and embody.

If this speaks to you, and you're interested in a  free 45 min session Here.

(accepting 4 free sessions a month)

Hey! I'm Natalie.

A super passionate human who is devoted to supporting the transition team, yeah that's you! All of the incredible souls who are stepping into their medicine as we co-create a New Earth. 

We need soulful leaders, practitioners, and guides/coaches working from a space of embodiment. Yeah I know, this is a buzzword for sure thrown around lately and misunderstood. But I assure you, that embodiment for me is more than dancing around on Instagram, it's more than trying to achieve an impossible and unhealthy state of New Age High Vibe.....its a way of being, of showing up for self. It's cultivating a depth that invites you into truly functioning from your true self, anchored within the body's ancient wisdom.