Confidently step into your Inner Healer; on this transformational journey. With The lunar cycles as your guide into your Inner Wise Woman; connecting with clarity to the space of the divine feminine & manifest with ease your soul's purpose into your everyday experiences as you support yourself during deep shifts and transformations.



all that no longer serves your soul's purpose?


Feeling like you want to shift?

Purge? Hit the refresh button?


 We are woven into the fabric of the harmonious flow of all that is.  I'd love to share the journey of the moon cycles; working with Luna's beautiful frequencies. 

Her rhythms connected to the sun + stars + planets all around us; within us.  

Connecting deeper within the flow of manifesting + releasing.


I'm so excited to share this transformational online journey! :)

Lets co create and align together.

     your supporting yourself in deep transformations

     releasing old patterns

     manifesting or cultivating newness into your life

     connecting to your cycles and rhythms

     cultivating a deeper relationship to your practices and rituals

      printable work booklet, sent directly to your email!

      journal prompts, inviting inner self inquiry and in depth soulful conversations.

      includes three supportive videos: inspiring your journey, including meditations,          conversations, and sacred ceremony.

This package will be a guide to build upon as a transformational healing tool. The workbook also includes, mantras, affirmations, moon rituals, and descriptions of the energies within each lunar cycle. 


Go at your own pace and repeat as many times as your heart desires!


"I have known Natalie for a few years now and have participated in her class "The Journey".  She has been a true teacher from the heart. She gives it all or nothing. She has helped me find my answers to my questions from within my Soul. Though you have to be willing to look and search deep inside your "SELF" she is there to open and comfort you at your doorway to unconditional love."

Joey Porier - Artist, Entrepreneur, Healer.

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33$ USD

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