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So excited to dive into 2021 vibes with you and offer monthly insights in the 2021 energy report, "Opening the Portal"

Let's Open the Portal, shall we?

Within Opening the Portal
You will receive:

- PDF + video for the monthly energy reports from Jan-Dec.

- Access to all recourses within The Temple community, for embodiment, integration, chakras, meditations, videos, and workbooks to support your path. The Temple community is held within the Mighty Networks platform and is easy to access from any device.

- Lifetime access to the annually updated versions of Opening the Portal each year and all of the inspirations that continue to nurture the portal's intention and your path. 

Our Intention/

A guide for Embodiment, clarity, connection, and creating a strong foundation and sustainability to guide you into and throughout the year. 

Offering insights to the energetics of each month as a pathway for you to dive deeper into your inner compass.

Click here to access, Open the Portal!

You will be directed to the Mighty Networks platform where you can easily access all Opening the Portal alongside all other recourses.

Follow the instructions, you can do this from your desktop or device, the app is available on iPhone or android.

You will also be notified when new content is available.  Remember you have lifetime access so that means you will be notified when the following years Opening the Portal is available! 

Hi, I'm Natalie. 
Soul Coach, Healer,  Embodiment Guide, Intuitive, Ritual Facilitator,  & creator of Sacred Space, deep Transformations: retrieving the seeds of Inner Wisdom, into Embodiment. 

Ethical approach for space holders.

Connect & embody your gifts/medicine.
Live your life purpose.
Shine bright as you share your unique gifts and wisdom.

If you are interested in connecting for a no-pressure call to simply connect, share a tea, learn about the work I do we can certainly find a time to meet.

I wanna get to know you more, your medicine, your beauty, and your light.

In this call I am open to discuss:

-what is on your heart

-what you need support in

- your desires and needs

- what the next steps are

- what blocks or resistance is showing up

- with your permission, I will share with you my offerings and resources that can help you 
(I also share with folks other professionals who would be in alignment)

These complimentary calls are 30 min, please invite a quiet space for us to connect. 
Schedule your session here:

I see you...

Creating an impact through becoming the change.  Many of us on the planet are wanting to create impact, speaking to the unity we desire to see in the world, and how our medicine will support others in co-creating this vision. I'm deeply devoted to inviting ourselves into the agency and embodiment of this change. Notice how I say we here, cause I am truly not an expert, I'm a guide for myself and others, we are walking this path as equals.  Recognizing that we have been talking the talk for too many years, and now is the time to dive into our values and invite a heartfelt conversation with our actions.  The way we show up and respond within the world and our environments create a ripple. This ripple is the change, the impact the frequency we are putting out into the world; without a deep awareness, not only within the mind but within the body of the alignment of our actions and values- we may be functioning within inner systems that are not in alignment with the change we want to see in the world. Here I am fumbling my way through a journey of what it is to honour the path as an embodied leader, cultivating & creating, the change I want to see in the world. 

Looking forward to getting to know you.

Schedule your no pressure connection call:

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