Moments of Truth

The moment you realize you have the ability to look within past events you begin to use this tool to have emotional attachments to these events. Going over the events within your mind, to figure out the perspective of all persons involved within this memory, creating “stories” of what they must think of you and the situation.

"Creating stories" is not as useful as viewing the event without judgement and looking within. Within that moment you also acknowledge that this is the evolution of all memories, and the key to the ability to reconcile with the past, loving all experiences as they are. Seeing the beauty of all people and situations as moments, that cannot be changed. They are moments you shared with others. Simply moments. These moments only have negative and positive perspective within your memory. Many perspectives live within one moment in reality, directly influence buy the number of persons involved.

See the moments for how they shaped you; discover all sides of yourself through the emotional reactions to the situations within your life. Your reactions are within your control.

The best part of teaching others is having your students challenge the lessons you are teaching them. Allowing space for my beliefs to soar deeper, expressing the 'why' with authentic understandings and teachings. Allowing my lessons not to be the generic answers that are given because I heard it said a thousand times.

Challenging my own beliefs and knowing that keeping an open mind is important to evolve/transcend. When a person desires personal/spiritual growth, they must look within their thought patterns and belief systems your entire lifetime. Utilize the beliefs you share with yourself as leverage to the next stage, and repeat. There is no end point where we are done, no humans more and less evolved simply experiences that carry us within different stages of the spiral.

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