What do you expect?

Expectancy- to live in a space of anticipating excitement or joy without knowing or projecting what the cause but accepting the result and loving the surprise

Within that space you will love the moments you have because they are always new and full of opportunities. When you live within the mind of expectancy you are free of waiting for what you want. Living in a space/mindset of disappointment you miss opportunities. Focusing on the disappointment, within your daily moments; the opportunities pass you buy. Open your mind, feel the outcome; focus on the emotional result, while keeping an open mind as to how that falls into place.

This may be easier said than done, changing will take time and patience with yourself. Knowing that you will always have to be mindful in creating the perception of events/moments within your life. There are so many approaches you can take to live within expectancy, the first step is acknowledging that we often place many expectations on people and situations. You are unable to control people and the future, the moment is all you have. Each and every person is walking this earth with their own expectations and when those are not meet some people have a negative emotional reaction. This either stems from their own disappointment in not being able to control the situation or the disappointment you have for expecting someone to do something.

When dealing with expectations and people, clear communication is key! We all think so differently so to expect that we all share in the same thought process may seem silly but we do it. In a situation where you find yourself angry at someone take a moment and ask yourself; was there something I could have asked in order to create the result I am after?

Example of a situation I witnessed:

A friend we will call Carol completed a service for a friend, a dollar amount was discussed and agreed upon. After completion of the service Carol was informed that the funds were transferred online. This was not convenient for Carol as she needed them at that moment in time and was unable to retrieve funds from a bank machine within her location. Carol became very upset at this woman as this put her in a tough situation, where she was left disappointed she was unable to do the activity she desired at that moment in time due to the lack of physical money.

If carol was expecting a payment of cash and depending on this for her next activity, there should have been clear communication. This does not make Carol any less intelligent, simply not mindful of communicating expectations. A great lesson for her and reminder that asking is a great direction for clear communication and a life lived within expectancy.

The future as I said is uncontrollable, we learn through our lives to be flexible and creative when there are unexpected situations. It is nice to have positive thoughts on an outcome but to create the “story” in your mind of how everything is going to turn out, is a whole different story. We have so many “stoires” within ourselves surrounding the outcome of many different scenarios. There could be an entire book on this very topic alone; desiring mindfulness within changing the perception of our “stories.” A trick that I use is to keep my vision on my result not all the details in between. The universe unfolds with many creative opportunities, and we can be intuitive to this and respond within the moment; or we can focus on how we want the universe to present your result. Within my result I am aware flexibility within my expectation is required.


The other day while at the doctors office waiting room, there was a little girl (3 years old) who I heard say and repeat very loudly “ I wanna go with daddy! I wanna go with daddy! I wanna go with daddy! I wanna go with daddy! I wanna go with daddy!”

Her mother agreed and as she walked out of the office she asked her father “daddy….where are we going?”

The entire room laughed, I loved how she may have recognized this situation as boring and desired change. Hoping her father was going somewhere more exciting she made the decision. Curious I asked the mother if the father was unfortunately going to another boring place. I smiled as she said “yes they are going to get an oil change!” my response, “she is in for some disappointment from one waiting room to the next!”

In saying that she could be pleased with the result if she recognized she created change from a moment she did not enjoy. Recognizing the lack of control over her present moment waiting for the oil change, would present a pleasant experience and she would have to make the best of it. She would have to entertain herself within her imagination to find peace within the other waiting room.

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