Crystals are used for many things, such as healing sessions, energy grids, wearing on the body for the purpose of their healing properties. When we are focused on the 'meaning' of a stone and memorize what they all ‘do’ and what they are 'used for', we are missing the bigger picture. That type of focus distracts you from bonding with each crystal as a minute piece of mother earth, with messages and knowledge stored within the energy. When you open your mind and listen to the message instead of focusing on what the stone is 'supposed ' to do; you will be amazed at how much you learn.

The relationship that humans have with crystals and stones makes me giggle. When utilizing the stones as a crutch, we are tapping into the place of ego and fear. The fear that we are not enough; just as we are. All we need is us. There is no object outside our body that is essential for us, our spiritual growth. The relationship with crystals can be that of a loving friendship sharing stories within each other’s growth. Too many times, many of us have picked up a stone to assist us in manifesting an emotion or a desire. Resisting the change inspired from the stone; we become disappointed when we are not receiving the expected result. The resistance stems from us, we are the change that needs to happen for the result. It is though our thought patterns; and perspective. Anything can inspire and influence the change within ourselves. Especially though a moment in nature or when we take the time to reflect; are all events that may lead to moments of enlightenment. We are depending on the stone to do it for us when really it’s about a message from mother earth through the energies of her crystals guiding us towards the evolved thought pattern. Changing that particular belief and through our appreciation for this new discovered knowledge the crystal is charged with our heightened vibration. The relationship with crystals is much like a friendship. A being, you can share moments in time, exchanging energies influencing each other’s growth. The excitement is not knowing what messages the crystals have to share and what you will learn.

The dependency of the crystals as a crutch is the procrastination of learning the truth. The minds/ego’s way of dealing with the acceptance of change, buy deflecting the focus. So let’s free ourselves and allow yourself to be free of what is supposed to happen; and enjoy the beauty that is. Exercise for connecting with crystals- Crystal Communication

Sit, or lay in a comfortable position. Breathe and allow all emotions and thoughts to pass through your mind trusting communication with all things energy. To further understand and practice working with crystals your success and learning will be up to you. A crystal journal is key to decoding how energy communicates to you and through these patterns you will read over time; your understanding will deepen. You are your best teacher, as Mother Nature loves sharing her wisdom and energy with all of us. A million people can pick up the same stone and receive several different messages, since we all interpret energy through our belief systems. Listen to the message with your heart, understanding that one message from the stone will mean several things as you evolve. That is why when you write it down in a journal and read any message a few years later the words of wisdom change their meaning. Your emotional and physical response is the crystals energy communicating with you. Appreciate the relationship knowing that the crystal has travelled a long way. Love the moments shared with this energy. Close your eyes sit and have fun.

The communication or language is through your intuition. That may be also communicated through smells, sound, knowing, and thoughts. The more you practice the more you will understand this language and will have the ability to apply this deeper understanding to your life and your intuition communication. Crystal grid Knowing and understanding the grid inspires communication. The grid itself will not bring you the result you’re looking for but, the stone inspires the emotional frequencies for your body to absorb, evolving your perception, therefore allowing the universe to draw from the energy within" your" energy field.

Placing a grid is merely a fun and creative way to communicate with the stones. All you need to know is that there is no wrong way to form a grid. Place the stones intuitively and the gratitude of this relationship will inspire you to listen. Mother Nature is pure of heart and assists us in the balance needed within our lives guiding our hearts to the evolved awareness.

Her message within her stones is to listen. That is all you need to remember.

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