Our Initiations are the most Potent Medicine

Initiations are the foundation of our growth, they carry us into the depths of our medicine. Through these experiences we have the opportunity to embody what it is we are calling forth into our lives, and setting our intentions on focus onto. Our initiations invite deep healing into the spaces of our wounded selves; cultivating our awareness and focus into the deep layers within self.

Our initiations ask us to get clear, ask for help, tend to your needs, they are the seeds of wisdom that flow through you.

We often take these experiences personally.

It’s nothing personal, it is the response to the intentions you set forth in devotion of your path.

It is the ripple that we are able to play in, after calling forth deep transformations & healing.

Our initiations are the supports that build a strong foundation into the depths of our alignment & embodiment.

I discovered that I was not alone in my journey through the trenches. That many healers, practitioners, heartfelt leaders, and yogis, go through cycles/phases in their life where they find themselves in unexpected spaces, treading through very uncomfortable circumstances or emotions.

Through some of my most powerful initiations I found myself, in very vulnerable spaces of hopelessness, fear, doubt, victimhood, and often thrown deep into survival mode which impacted my health and overall wellness.

One of the most impactful initiations invited me into; courageous steps & leaping deeper into my practices and coaching work with others; leaving behind aspects within my business that where no longer in alignment but also a large source of my income; when I took this leap a huge initiation began; in the beginning I Felt more lost than ever. Even though I knew this was what my heart was calling for, I was greeted with extremely difficult times. And there were times I was not even sure I would make it out on the other side.

And within these extreme conditions I become creative, I was forced to make the necessary changes within my life that are now the foundation of my wellness today. Within my initiations I found more strength than I knew was possible, leaned into my capacity for self compassion and stand in my power.

Within the initiations I discovered the impact conversations with heartfelt intention have; the power of facing the truth.

And the freedom radial honesty provides.

Within these experiences I discovered the depths of my medicine and have greater capacity to show up for myself and the work I do with others.

Get comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Expansion is not always comfortable. We are literally meeting the edge of our comfort zone. Trying on new things; new behaviours, new ways of thinking, of being. Playing with the edges of our boundaries. Its ok to get messy and sit in the mess with appreciation in your heart.

Because let's face it, if you can become comfortable in the uncomfortable; your better able to tap into your happiness, joy, peace now. Vers a conditional happiness that is attached to “i'll be more _____ when this happens, or when there is less chaos”. Any conditions or expectations we place in this way only keeps the cycle going.


Is part of the opportunity/gift within our initiations.

These experiences are like pressing the restart button on your computer.

What are you going to create within the space?

What would you like to download into your computer as you reboot?

Slow and steady.

Connecting to your alignment practices, and the things that bring you to your centre/the here and now.

Inviting true embodiment of your true self; soul’s purpose, you must first take an inventory of the spaces within, purge what no longer serves you and rebuild/create from a space that feels in alignment with you.

Trust the process

Trust in your ability.

Trust in you.

In the capacity to take one step at a time, day by day. You simply don’t have to have it all figured out. Believe in your decisions because I guarantee that you have been through tough times before and if you are reading this it means that so far you have a 100% success of surviving all of your previous life experiences. Draw inspiration from past experiences, remember the moments that you were able to rise above and move forward. You may not have done this with perfection, so release any judgement of how, or the things you could have done differently. Because now is a new moment and you are always making choices based on your past experiences. And it’s that simple, next time you might make a different choice. Remember there is no wrong or right choice. Once you have set clear intentions all the roads lead you to the same place.

Release the idea that your journey is supposed to look a certain way.

This was a big part of my healing. For a long time I thought that I was less than because I was experiencing challenging times, that it would diminish my light, medicine or ability to serve others in the capacity I know I have. It was within these conversations that I discovered that no matter what chaos, is flowing through or around you, your true self remains untouched & unharmed no matter what.

That is the beauty of all of us sharing our story.

Within the sharing of the depths of ourselves, we invite others into our perspective; providing curiosity and insight. There is no wrong or right. When we listen to the journey of those around us we begin to understand that we all journey though deep initiations in our own way. Our uniqueness, wisdom and light of our initiations brings so much depth to our medicine.

If you find yourself in the midst of an initiation; I would love to let you know that you got this. Welcome it all in with open arms and you will see how amazingly beautiful this expansive experience is. We are all in it together, and together we rise. Tap into your inner creative and dive deep into conversations of the heart space. Celebrate this journey and all that you are!

If you are looking for someone to journey with you, a mentor / coach / guide, who is living and/or creating what you are wanting to create for yourself, I would love to explore with you if my 1:1 spaces are for you. Click here to connect.

When working with me you will strengthen your roots, confidence and connection to your gifts. You will also be fully supported in how you show up and hold space for yourself which in turn will serve all of your clients/community deeply; alongside a deep inner soulful journey into self.

The medicine I offer is Transformation & Higher Perspectives.


Natalie Parsons

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