Embodied Core Values

Is the foundation to alignment and becoming the change we wish to see in the world.

When feeling into the discussion of Core Values and how they are woven into Community, Boundaries, and Leadership, there is a need for us to discuss the integration of our own values.

Each and every human on this planet shapes the world we live in, through their actions. So if you are in a leadership position, space holder, practitioner, entrepreneur, or way-shower living your core values daily is a must. The impact we have on those around us is more than we often recognize. The language we use, how we serve our clients, show up in community and our personal/professional relationships are how we cultivate and nurture the values that matter most to us. This has a ripple effect, nurturing what it is we want to bring into the world around and within us. It begins from the inside out.

It’s pretty clear what the values of corporations, organizations, and government structures are when you have a look at their actions, how they function and treat people. One could even say we are in an epidemic of businesses that place profit over people, and it’s destroying us and the planet.

So it’s pretty clear that we all need to be living our values to create the changes we need to see in the world, especially socially and environmentally. When we know what our values are and live through this lens within our everyday actions we begin to support organizations/businesses, that are here to make a difference, together we can create a huge impact.

Our values are magnetic, drawing others towards us who share or have similar values.

It is our community that truly makes us all stronger. This is our time to come together and learn, lean, inspire, listen, share, and be of service to the things that matter most to us.

One of the biggest themes coming up in sessions this year is core values, and im not surprised as we are in a time of great contrast and illumination. Being disconnected from our values can lead us to feel disconnected, unhappy, challenged with decision-making, feeling unclear, or even depressed. How can one feel ‘alignment’ if they have no idea what matters most to them? In other words, if you want to feel more clear and in alignment, do your ‘core value work’ and embody what matters most to you. You are the change that you wish to see in the world.

Are you aware of what matters most to you?

How are you aligned in action with your core values?

A few thoughts on our collective experience at this moment in time/

There is no coincidence that Core Values as a theme has woven its way into the collective awareness/subconscious. We are in a period of major transformations within our way of being here on earth, and this means we build, create, align, move, take action through our Core Values.

The work of creating a New Earth begins with each and every one of us, sharing the responsibility of our 'work'. Our foundation of getting into the nitty-gritty of the 'work' is by continuously connecting and aligning to our core values.

We continue to connect to our values through what we participate in, investments (how we spend our recourses), folks we spend time with, and taking small and mindful action to continue to cultivate our values being expressed within the world.

The integration of our Values as a way of being/living is a practice.

What the world is expressing at this moment in time is our true colours in what matters most to us. Within this, it can feel overwhelming to sit with all that is going on within this moment in time. We cannot be a voice or advocate for all the things, but we can choose one thing that is in alignment with our main 3-7 values and focus on that. Make small changes. Keep it simple. Consistent. Surround yourself with others who share in your values.

The integration of our Values as a way of being/living is a practice.

Dear embodied being, your foundation of embodiment begins with your core values. So please sit with what matters most to you, write them down and revisit this document daily/weekly/monthly. This is your compass, and is the foundation to alignment and becoming the change we wish to see in the world.

Tips to embody your Core Values

What matters most. Sit, listen, take your time with getting to know what matters most to you. Write them down, revisit and refine you values.

Action. Are your actions in alignment with your core values? It's within all the little things, your daily actions, how you show up within community and your life. How are you showing up for yourself and others?

Decision making. When making decisions, it can become clear to what your decision is when you filter the conversation through your core values.

Investing. Whether your investing your time or recourses, what we focus on grows. Think of your investments as a way of cultivating or nurturing what we want to see more of within the world. Do you know what your investments are growing? (think of your everyday spending)

Thank you so much for sharing a conversation on topics that inspire and illuminate the path of embodiment.

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Hello. I'm Natalie, Transforming the way we show up, hold space and lead, within the world. Committed to supporting Embodied Leaders, Changemakers, Healers, Practitioners, and Visionaries in embodiment, integration, ethical practices, and illuminating your medicine into your soul lead work, healing, and offerings.

The world needs you and your gifts, we need healers, leaders, holistic practitioners, intuitives and awakened souls who are serving from a space of embodiment, alignment and ethical leadership from the heart. This is how we cultivate and sustain the change we want to see in the world.

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