Space Holding in times of Crisis

For two years I’ve worked on this workshop, and two weeks before our seminar a big wave, a personal crisis arrived at my doorstep.

Now all the time I had planned on spending preparing for the seminar was now dedicated to navigating the emergency situation.

How do we show up for ourselves and hold space for others during times of crisis?

How was I going to move through this?

Was I still able to hold space and offer my workshops, attend to my clients all the while my nervous system is maxed?

What would this even look like?

This is a huge aspect of being a guide for others and ourselves, honouring our capacity, filling up our cup, and taking care of our energy.

When you feel utterly depleted and there is no end in sight...

Get back to basics. Your foundation. Practices. Ritual. Routine. Nature. Self-care.

How did I respond and show up during this emergency situation while preparing for and hosting a seminar?



Release everything that does not matter at the moment.

I even contacted a few folks with whom I made commitments to let them know now is not the time for what I committed to. That felt good. There was definitely an aspect of myself that said, ‘wait? Am I saying no to opportunities?’ I recognized that if the opportunities are meant to be; if these folks are truly in alignment with my values they will understand. And they did.

The day before I scheduled 3 hours in my book to connect with the material I was going to share at the workshop, alongside the flow of the information, practices, and entire offering. When it came time to do this my body said no. Take a bath. What?! Take a bath, the mind asked. Yes, said the body. I turned inwards and remembered the words of my Yoga teacher who trained me, “rest is the most important way to prepare for any class.”

I took a bath, did not open my laptop, or go over the material. Interestingly enough the workshop was on the Art of Intuition, our Sacred Insight. The invitation for me to trust my intuition with this depth was no coincidence.

The day I was offering the Sacred Insight group offering for the first time was incredible. Actually the best workshop I’ve ever delivered. I recognized that the rest offred to myself was the only thing I needed to prepare. A big aspect of this is because I am the living embodiment of this workshop, there is nothing to memorize or try and do, simply get out of the way and let the flow take over.

Our compass, intuition, the wisdom of the body will lead us in ways we can’t imagine.

All we have to do is surrender the mind to the intelligence of the body, nurture and cultivate a relationship with the language of our intuition, and take rest.

If you are sitting here reflecting on how you showed up for yourself in the past, do so with compassion, gentleness, and curiosity. How we show up for ourselves is a practice. It evolves when we are steeping into embodiment.

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