The Lantern: How we Show Up during our Shadow work.

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

What is light? What is Dark?

Is it what I think it is?

Recently a conversation with a client about the symbolism of the ‘LANTERN’ in stories and fables invited me to continue the dialogue within. She brought up how strange it was that in these stories when someone walks through a magic closet into another dimension, or into the woods there seems to always be a ‘latern’ right there for the journey into the unknown. We then discussed the symbolism being that the lantern represents our inner light/flame; that no matter where we go or what we encounter we have a guiding light within.

This conversation also came as a message for the current events within. A recent invitation has been strongly encouraged by the unfolding of life for me to deep dive into some shadow work. And as I prepare for the expedition within I set my intentions, I take my time as I tether myself in. Surrounding myself with those who I trust, like an anchor or guide.

The first questions that came as I set intentions were:

What is light? What is dark?

There is no black and white answer...and to tell ya the truth, I don’t even see dark and light as opposing forces. For me it’s like a dance, within the frequency of love. When I remove the judgement of ‘good or bad’, I can more clearly connect; appreciate and receive all of the wisdom within everything. How all is happening for US.

What is my relationship to being in the light?

What is my relationship to being in the dark?

How do I feel when I see myself in the light?

How do I feel when I see myself in the dark?

These questions swirling around as I bring my awareness to the spaces in my life that I was simply staying positive and overriding how I truly feel.

We can do shadow work and be in a high vibration. Having the capacity to feel it all within the spectrum and not allow the darkness to cling onto us. The darkness can be our inspiration; our guru. I recognized over the years of diving deep into the shadows, that we have the capacity to acknowledge these spaces without inviting it into your identity or everyday life.

When we show up for ourselves fully and stand in our truth within our darkest spaces; that’s quite often when we witness how bright we truly shine.

What is my relationship to being in the dark?

It can feel scary sometimes because of my past relationship with the uncomfortable contrast of the dark spaces within. I remember a time when I did not have tools, or a healthy support for self to navigate the dark. I remember a time I was not compassionate with self, nor was I gentle within. Even though this is no longer the case stepping into these spaces the past finds its way into the present moment. And that’s ok. Invite it all in for tea and a conversation. The amazing thing is that after I sit with all of my fears for a moment I realize how amazing I am. I am now gentle with self. I invite compassion and show up. I surround myself with support. And most importantly learning to ask for help. There is an unshakable confidence that flows deep within my veins, it’s simply a matter of reminding myself.

Because I forget sometimes. Especially when I entertain the mind and all of its ramblings.

Truth. The truth resides within the heartspace. Stillness takes me there.

What is my relationship to being in the light?

The light can sometimes feel like a crutch, or a bandaid for a broken leg. There are times when my relationship with the light is unbalanced, and used as a mask to hide under. This imbalance itself invites me to ask is it truly healthy to simply stay in the light in this moment? The interesting thing is it’s all our perception anyways. Because what is light? The answer to this question will change all the time depending on where your at in your journey. I’m not sure if you can relate but for me it’s within the light that we find the curiosity to explore all aspects of self. To not shy away from what we fear or don't understand.

For me my intention is TRUTH. At my core I am a truth seeker. Within my journey of Truth it invites me within the light and dark. To feel the contrast and sit with it all. To know that none of it is truly who I am but experiences inviting me to explore the depths of me.

Like the lantern,

Our Inner Light



is the Anchor;

During our darkest days.

We are the Lantern,

The Light,

and the dark night.


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