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An 8 week group journey

 Journey begins:

FEB 16th - APRIL 5th 2020!

Are you ready for a deep dive intensive into Rejuvenating your Chakras?


Are you craving to go deeper into balancing your Chakras, & understanding the

Chakra system?


The 8 week exploration, is a rejuvenation process and its practical application experiencing the energies from within- Opening ourselves to the Chakra Energies.


 Experiencing your energetic system to guide your curiosity and heart.  Learning to use tools such as yoga, movement, meditation, breathing techniques, sound and visualizations that will support, balance, amplify or tone down the chakra energies.


This is for you, if you:


  • Are a healer/intuitive working with the chakra system, and want to learn more about the chakras.

  • Are craving to go deeper into understanding your own energetic system and chakra energy.

  • Want to embody the chakra energies, learning practical tools and yogic practices to balance the chakras

  • Are ready to dive deeper into your healing journey.


You will receive:

  • 8 week journey; sessions 2.5 hours each.


  • A workbook to deepen your learning, including journal prompts, affirmations, description of each chakra and everything you will need to further your exploration within and beyond the course. 


  • A supportive sacred space each week, where we will deeply dive into and experience the practices and tools for balancing your chakras. 


  • Recorded meditations for each Chakra for you you keep!


Come play! Have fun! Explore, and flow in the Chakra energies.

 Journey begins:

FEB 16th - APRIL 5th. 2020! 1pm-3:30


Where: Samadhi House

1397 Fall River Road, Fall River, NS,B2T1E5

Exchange: 589$

Space is limited so please Register! 

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HI I'm Natalie.

A Chakra Yoga Teacher, Reiki Practitioner/Teacher, Intuitive Reader, Guide/Coach, Sound Healer, & Space Holder.

I'm super passionate about creating spaces where we can explore the depths of our inner world, leading, guiding you through the many tools and approaches to support your heartfelt journey. Within these spaces we are simultaneously connecting to our innate Inner Wisdom, Teacher, & Healer. Building confidence and TRUST in SELF, as you refine your dialogue with your intuition. 

I love working with the Chakra energies; and would love to invite you to explore your energetic system in a way that connects you to the depths of self. Join us.