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Connecting to the art of intuition through yoga + intentional practices.

Sacred Insight is available Online 


Date for our upcoming Sacred Insight group journey

February 26th, 1 pm-3:30pm AST (12noon -2:30pm EST)

Exchange, $44


To register for the Online class

To register for the online class click HERE and follow the instructions.

In person groups available upon request, send an email to iamnataliesoul@gmail.com


Connecting to the art of intuition through yoga + intentional practices.

Tap into your intuition, and receive from the depths of your insight and wisdom.


We are all intuitive, our bodies are an instrument that receives and guides us. 


The language of intuition is through our senses, symbols, and the expression of life itself.


Are you familiar with this language? 


Do you want to cultivate a deep trust with your inner guidance system?


Sacred Insight is for those who are cultivating a relationship with their intuition. 


With 20 years of experience as a reader, Natalie is really excited to hold space for all levels of intuitives.


Become even more clear with the dialogue of intuition.


Within this 2.5 hour session, you will receive the healing energies of Reiki, Sound Healing, and a special journey into the depths of your intuition. 

Our Flow + Practice Together includes


Meditation/ Guiding ourselves through a deep healing + insightful Oracle Spread/ Movement Integration-Yoga/ Sound. 

Inviting our deepest wisdom + healing

Opening our practice together with a Meditation as we tap into our inner healer, wisdom, and compass. 

Connecting to our intuition/ Opening the channels to our Sacred Insight

Connecting to your Sacred Insight through a self-led (with Natalie as your guide) Soul Alignment Reading. 


The Focus within the Oracle Card spread of the Soul Alignment Reading:

- to see where you're at now, resistance or blocks 

- messages from the higher self and cosmic team/guides/higher self/ancestors

- what will support and nurture your being

- energies that will support you moving forward

Yoga + Sound

Gentle and accessible yoga practice and extended Shavasana with mantra sound immersion, with the intention of integration + embodiment of your Sacred Insight.  Within our movement practice, our intention is listening to the body, you are the guide. 


You will receive:

- lifetime access to the sacred insight *online portal 

-recording of our live session, and all future live offerings!

- videos for self-guided sacred insight sessions

- building catalog of oracle/tarot card spreads

- workbook/ The Art of Intuition

- journal prompts



*The online Sacred Insight portal is a container to nurture your connection to the art of intuition for all levels, go as deep as you want to. Whether you are sharing your gifts as an intuitive reader, a newbie, or anywhere in between this space is evolving to meet your needs.

(yeah that's right! you receive full lifetime access to the Sacred Insight portal with booking our group session:)

You can access the portal from your phone or device with the Mighty Networks app!

Within the Sacred Insight Portal, you will experience + explore

The growing library of Oracle Card Spreads


Access to The Temple Community

The Temple is a virtual sacred space off social media to connect to other like-minded folks, who share the intention of embodiment, healing, sustaining their practices.  Within this space you will be supported by your guide Natalie. No pressure to engage within the community space, simply know it is there for you to explore and share as much or as little as you like. 


About Your Guide
Natalie Parsons is a grounded spaceholder and guide with almost twenty years of experience as an intuitive and healer. Her journey illuminated when yoga found her on the spiritual path, revealing the depths of her gifts, and medicine, cultivating a deep relationship with the essential integration aspect of the path.  Natalie's work evolving into the embodiment guide she is today continuing her studies and research as a forever student of Embodied Leadership, and Yogic teachings. Bridging her experiences as a ritual facilitator into everyday living, cultivating sacred space from the inside out. 

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"Last Saturday I joined Natalie in a class she was giving called The Art of Intuition, Sacred Insight.  I absolutely loved it.  Natalie has such a warm, peaceful, and loving personality and makes you feel welcome right away.  She is very knowledgeable, and I learned a lot.  I highly recommend any and all of the courses she offers.  You will not regret it!"


I had the pleasure of experiencing the Sacred Insights Session recently. Natalie’s space was inviting and her energy was very calming. I felt completely held and safe to allow whatever experience might show up during the session.  After the treatment, I felt very rejuvenated, inspired, plugged in, and high vibe! I was so inspired that I did a soft launch of a program I'm facilitating and the response was incredible! It felt like I released some doubts around my 'ability to pull it all off' and just allowed me to step into my true calling with more gusto.

-Jasmin /Empowerment Coach

Unable to join our upcoming event?

Try the Sacred Insight Self study 

You will receive the replay of our live session and access to all of the Sacred Insight content within the portal!

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