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 A guide and conversation with your soul, Soul Alignment Readings inspire clarity, deeper understanding; and connecting you to the pathway of your truth. 

Life offers so many gifts, this space is to nurture the conversation your soul is sharing with you.  Let's connect with your highest self, ancestors, guides, and cosmic team.

Readings nurture the seeds of healing and growth, answer questions, and connect to the spaces within that feel uncertain, unclear, or out of balance. 

Investment 110$

(Nova Scotia)

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“After a Soul session with Natalie, I feel seen for the first time in my life!

She knew things about me without saying a word, a side of me that I’ve hidden for years, afraid to share that part of me. I now feel completely validated, felt, heard, seen, and at home within self and my body.  I’m ready to dive into my purpose, my gifts have been fully illuminated by our connection! Thank you, Natalie.”      -Jen

Since 2002 Natalie has been studying and practicing the healing art of Oracle and Intuition through several mentors and modalities.  The Soul Alignment Readings have been a beautiful seed and foundation to the work offered today; the ability to guide conversations of the soul with the otherworldly realms provides an anchor that deepens your connection to intuition, your energy, and messages received. 

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A guide with 20 years of experience, with my work evolving into the embodiment guide, I am today.


The persons I work with are coming back home to self, cultivating a relationship with their spiritual path, connecting to their intuition, supporting their integration+ embodiment.


We all have a powerful impact on the earth, within our communities, and the world around us. The work begins within. Let's dive deep into the nutrients within your fertile soil of wisdom.