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1:1 online sessions &

Group sessions available!!

A masterclass for Healers, Lightworkers, Light Leaders, Intuitives & Energy Workers. 


This guided journey invites you to deeply step onto your healers path with confidence! You will be supported as you connect to your cosmic team; developing and expanding your intuitive gifts. Natalie will also create a container where you will be able to cultivate a wildly aligned way of living, where you discover the tools that work for creating sustainable practices. During this journey you will also be releasing blocks & patterns, so that you can invite a deep embodiment and integration of your medicine.      


This is for you if you:

Know yourself to be a healer and in the Healing ARTS.

Have done inner inquiry. 

Are Intuitive.

Expanding your practices.

Feeling stuck in your journey.

Want to deepen your Gifts/Medicine.

Are calling in a deep shift or Transformation.

Here’s what you’ll get:

5 Zoom calls (tons of support/guidance/coaching). 

Tools and resources to support your journey.

Meditations and Journaling Prompts.

Customized inner inquiry process.

Recorded Meditations.

PDF Overview of our Module.

 Your journey into The Healers Path includes:


4 main modules

Meeting Your Guides:

Connecting with your cosmic team, your guides! Natalie will support your communication with your guides and cultivation of a deep relationship. The Language & Symbolism in which we communicate with our cosmic team looks different for us all, understanding your way of communication is the foundation for you to expand as you continue to nurture your intuitive gifts, and spiritual journey as a healer.


Cultivate a Daily Practice:

What does your daily practice look like? Within this session we will nurture your relationship with your daily practices and explore all the tools for you to expand into. Cultivating a practice is extremely important! It fills up your cup, invites you to know your energy, enhances self care, and strengthens how you show up for yourself and others. 


Releasing Limiting Beliefs & Blocks:

What’s stopping you? Holding your back? Your blocks are your greatest asset! Yep your allies are your fears. In this session we will bring awareness to unlimiting beliefs and have supportive conversations with self that will invite you to into these sticky places. Shifting your relationship with your fears. 


Get into the Body:

Embodiment/Integration. Our bodies hold a wisdom that strengthens our intuition. Within this session we will nurture our relationship with your bodies, as we connect to this communication system. The depths of our healing begins when we are fully present in our bodies.  During this session we will invite experiences/tools that you will be able to utilize moving forward.  


Self Investment, 777$

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