This 3-month package is for you if you’re ready to take your inner knowing to the next level. We’ll peel back the layers, uncover whatever’s been holding you back and reveal your soul’s innate magic.  Step into deeply releasing what no longer serves you; letting go of all the things that no longer serve you. Feeling the invitation to connect to your confidence and true self. Let’s nurture the deep roots/seeds from the womb phase; as you tap into your greatest potential.


 This package includes:


 ~ three 1:1 sessions

 ~ voxer & email support

 ~ recorded meditations

How do you hold space for deep transformations?

Are there aspects within your life, within self that are calling for a deeper conversation into truth?

Why is it that the very thing we want, we also fear?


It’s interesting to notice how the things that move us forward are wrapped up in so many emotions.


 Shifting perspectives means letting go. Breaking down the walls that you have built. And loving the heck out of yourself while doing it.


Am I willing to take aligned action?

Am I willing to do something different?


Try something new?


Where to start?




 It all begins with recognizing your innate inner wisdom and beauty.


Having the courage to follow your heart without apology.


Are you ready for a shift? To step into the next layer of self?

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