:level one

level one attunement 

what is reiki?


Self healing/developing a practice 

intro to Chakaras

Are you ready to become a Reiki Practitioner? 

:level two

level two attunement

systems of the body: relationship to reiki and chakras

Reiki symbols

 incorporating these sacred symbols within the practice 

Guided meditation connecting with your Reiki guides

Discussion on distance healing

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:level three

level three attunement

Reiki Usui master symbols

Level three attunement

integration of reiki into your everyday life

You will revive a workbook with every Reiki level. 

All Reiki levels also include a lifetime of support!

Yes I mean it. You can Reach out anytime with questions along your journey.

"I have known Natalie since 2010, and in that time we have became true soul friends.  When I need guidance she can connect to spirit to help assist me in moving forward.  Her connection to Earth and Spirit is a very spiritual connection to allow her to listen for the guidance.  I admire this young woman and strive to be as positive and uplifting as she is. Natalie teaches unconditional love.  Love for self and love for others and all earthly beings."

 Karen Devouge - Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive Guidance Reader


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